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I was trying to figure out which car sharing company I wanted to sign up for, and during this time I realized the market was somewhat complicated. So I built this thing because, hey why not. To figure out which service is best for you, you can add as many trips as you think you might do in a month, then look at whichever gives you the cheapest monthly figure.


  1. Select any starting and finishing point in or around your city.
  2. (Optional) Click on Advanced to alter some extra details, such as time of day, day of week, returning car2go, etc.
  3. Click "Add Trip" to add that trip to your monthly collection of trips.
  4. (Optional) For details of any trip calculation, click on a Car Share icon.
  5. Click on "Monthly" to see your current monthly total.
  6. If this helped you, then please, buy me a beer, so I can fuel more mini-projects:

Frequently Asked Questions

I turned on "Return Trip," but the figures for Modo/Zip stayed the same, shouldn't they double?

No. Modo & Zip cars must be returned to their original reservation parking spot. Thus, for Modo/Zip, they are always set to return. The "Return Trip" checkbox only affects Car2Go results.

Car2Go is displaying "$99999," that can't be right!

Car2Go trips must be ended inside the Car2Go operating area, so I am trying to indicate that you simply cannot use Car2Go for this type of trip. However, try turning on the "Return Trip" option.

Car2Go has parking spots outside of the operating area, I can't model these trips!

Turn on the "Special Parking" option. This will allow the Car2Go trip to end outside the operating area. Be careful here, and don't think you can actually end the trip anywhere!

Why does Modo Coop have a monthly cost?

Because the $500 you deposit could be earning interest elsewhere.

What about the cost of a car accident? Car2go has a high deductible!

I may model this later by adding in the probability of an accident, but I need to find the "accidents per km" rate of Vancouver.

Transit is totally wrong!

I know! Not so important, since this is about car shares, but I will fix this at some point.

You aren't factoring in the cost of parking downtown, or somewhere else with paid parking!

This is tough to model. I will add an option for dealing with this, as well as hopefully programming in the parking spots that are free, but this is a little bit of work :>


I take NO RESPONSIBLITY if my figures are off. I have made quite a few attempts and reverified my code often to ensure the most accurate results, but I cannot make any guarantees. Often times the details of the pay schedule on the share's website is a touch confusing. There are also some details which I have procured from the car shares themselves directly, that are not clear or explicit on the websites, and even then, I may be missing some details. The point is, I have done the very best I could, but if you get a bill for higher than you expected based on my calculation, that is not my problem! I don't include taxes, so keep that in mind.

Also, there are many other considerations to take into account aside from trip cost (insurance policies, # passengers, pets, etc etc), please look at the car shares websites and decide for yourself

If you have any feedback, or have a feature request, hit me up at