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Car2Go Spring Promotion: register now and use "NIGEL FISH" as the promotion code, you will get 50% off the registration fee, as well as 30 free minutes of driving time (about a $10 value).


Everything has a cost, and walking is no different. According to some random website, peer reviewed by no one, you should replace your shoes about every 640kms. If you spend $60 on a pair of shoes, that comes out to a cost of about 9.3 cents / km.


Bicycling is cheap, but it isn't free. Please note that the distance for biking can be longer or shorter, due to the use of bike paths.


Transit Details Coming -- Right now I assume 1 zone, which is incorrect.


Driving costs can vary significantly. To simplify things, I took a value provided by the CAA in the 2010 Driving Costs report (pdf). Because you're looking at this site, I'm presuming you to be driving less than 16,000km per year, and driving the more fuel efficient car (in the report, the Cruze1LT). This puts the cost at 66.7 cents / km. You can change this if you want in the settings.

Detailed Calculation:

Distance * $0.093

Detailed Calculation:

Distance * $0.15

Detailed Calculation:

None yet!

Detailed Calculation:

Distance * $0.667

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